Brock Lesnar Steroids

Brock Lesnar is a popular name in WWE wrestling, UFC, and Minnesota Vikings. He is the best who has recorded a 225 pounds’ bench press for 30 reps.

He is the example of a perfectly bigger body shape with full agility.

This is why Brock Lesnar got so much popular in Wrestlemania after he declared so many victories in many UFC fights.

He is a mounting looking man with 6.3 height and he weighs around 286 pounds, WHOOPS! 

This is what you learn about Brock Lesnar steroids when you decide to look upon this person and find out he got arrested for taking or carrying anabolic steroids.

The complete news about Brock Lesnar’s arrest on steroids is given below. 

Brock Lesnar Arrested for Anabolic Steroids

Back in January 2001, Brock was arrest for carrying a large amount of anabolic substance.

It turned out to be Human Growth Hormone which surely counted as an anabolic steroid but his lawyer deemed them as Vitamin Kind of Thing in the court. After this Brock Lesnar was got let off!

Is Brock Lesnar on Steroids?

It’s very common for a person like Brock Lesnar to be on steroids, they talk in millions, and do you think they will take it for granted. 

Bodybuilding is the arena where the right shape and size should be maintained for a long period. About 90-95% of people in the bodybuilding competitive field uses steroids and this fact has been known for decades.

Besides steroids, there are things Brock Lesnar considers taking, such as a better diet which most people miss. Some people believe Brock Lesnar does not take steroids, it’s only the massive protein-containing dietary regimen that is keeping him going. 

Keeping this in mind that the use of steroids will also require an intense amount of workout.

You won’t believe but bodybuilders who are on steroids perform longer time duration workout which affects their muscle mass significantly.

This leads to the fact that Brock Lesnar has “Giant” genes which is why it has the natural shape of the body which may or may not be God gifted, who knows. 

Why Didn’t Brock Lesnar Tested Positive for Steroids in WWE?

Brock Lesnar

It was right after the Mark Hunt fight with Brock Lesnar which raised the controversy if Brock has been taking steroids. Admitted by WWE, Brock Lesnar was not tested since he was a part-time employee in the contracts. 

Before that point, many had expected that Lesnar was tried like different stars. 

Even though USADA is getting some steroid-clients in the UFC, individuals in the game despite everything accept many are sneaking past the net because of helpless testing strategies (and expected corruptness).

This could be the motivation behind why Brock and others can breeze through assessments before at long last being gotten. 

Conor Mcgregor, Joe Rogan, and Michael Bisping are only rare sorts of people who have intensely scrutinized the USADA testing conventions.

Signs That Brock Lesnar On Steroids

As we already know about the superstar super fame in all WrestleMania and UFC, but let’s put some light on the evidence that he might be on steroids. 

The Big Size

With sufficient height, Brock Lesnar weighs around 284 pounds which is the normal weight for people with such height. But it’s insane to see those visible packs he walks around with. 

Identifying Brock Lesnar’s physique, he has maximum muscle mass but not quite shredded as he was before. It is hard to attain a size like Brock Lesnar since he got the bigger genes than most of the people. 

The size gain or his big size doesn’t clarify the intake of steroids. 

Significant Transformation

Men and women who have been taking steroids usually pick up weight very quickly. This happens because the gain excess of solid muscle which steroids help them to build quickly.

Brock Lesnar’s physique, however, hasn’t undergone any noticeable transformations. In his high school pictures, Brock looked bigger and manly than most of his colleagues.

After getting jacked up for fights in UFC, that was the era where he might have been indulged in his body with anabolic steroids. 

Brock Lesnar NEVER Made a Confession about NOT TAKING STEROIDS

In 2016, when Brock Lesnar was asked whether he was on steroids, he didn’t deny the fact that he is using them. Instead, he said to their faces” I’m white and I’m jacked, deal with it”. This is the bold statement coming from someone who may have achieved his body from natural gains. 

He never admitted that he uses steroids, but he also never denies them, confusing hmm….

Brock Lesnar Failed a Drug Test

Brock Lesnar was accused of using anabolic steroids in 2016, this is because of the UFC 200. At that time, Brock Lesnar had a fight with Mark Hunt in UFC which surely was a big challenge for him. 

The test attempted to be on Brock Lesnar by USADA, Brock passed several tests but ATLAST he was tested positive for CLOMID (A POST CYCLE THERAPY SUPPLEMENT). 

Clomid is the PCT supplement that flushes out the side effects and remaining traces of anabolic steroids from the body. The drug is also found in the inhalers used by asthmatic patents and some other noticeable medications. 

The use of Clomid is banded because of its anti-estrogenic property. This elevates the testosterone levels gregariously which results in the ginormous physique like Brock Lesnar’s. 

Clomid is also used for negating the side effect “testosterone suppression” which is the side effect of the following steroids. 

  • Deca Durabolin
  • Trenbolone
  • Anavar
Brock Lesnar Tested Positive for Taking PCT

After the discontinuation of the steroid cycle, Brock Lesnar attempted to take Clomid as a Post Cycle Therapy supplement but the remaining traces were detected in the test. 

Brock Lesnar isn’t tested in WWE

WWE has a health strategy. Which it uses to test its hotshots, at irregular, for drugs and restricted substances.

After Brock bombed the test after his UFC return. WWE had to concede that Brock isn’t tried under the wellbeing strategy since he is just low maintenance and just wrestles a couple of matches every year. 

As he isn’t tried in WWE, he could, hypothetically. He has been utilizing steroids since his arrival. This, nonetheless, doesn’t imply that he has.

Which Steroids Brock Lesnar Could Have Possibly Taken?

Brock Lesnar steroids gut

Some sings like his HGH gut and bigger nose over the years explains Brock was a regular user of HGH. 

The police who arrested him also explained they found a large stash of Human Growth Hormone injections with him. 

You can also see the increased size of his skull which is due to the hypergonadism effect of HGH. 

The monstrous traps of Brock Lesnar also explain the intake of HGH with Insulin. Kali Muscle also uses the same combination and you could see he has got extra-large traps. 

Steroids like HGH are only the only ones that Brock used, there are some other steroids which experts think might have been used by Brock Lesnar in his WWE career. 

  • Dianabol
  • Anadrol
  • Deca Durabolin

Dianabol is the anabolic steroid for excessive muscle gain and it supplies to focus and physical agility.

Anadrol is another bulking steroid which is used by many bodybuilders to gain giant like mass, while Deca Durabolin is used to have extra-large traps by holding a large amount of water inside the muscles. 

Using Natural PCT Supplement 

Can you buy the steroids that Brock Lesnar has been taking? No! 

The use of AAS is strictly prohibited and it’s a felony to carry unless it’s for medical purpose. 

The natural alternative to PCT therapy that Brock Lesnar has been taking is PCT from Crazy Bulk. 

Crazy Bulk is the legal steroid brand which provides a holistic list of natural steroids list. 

PCT by Crazy Bulk is a natural body detoxification tool which cleanses the liver from steroidal components and every type of workout supplement that you have been taking. 

Benefits of Using Legal PCT Supplement are:

  • Maximum size retention and strength gains
  • Control the level of cortisol hormone in the body that causes the stress-related conditions which lead to muscle fatigue
  • Keep the testosterone level high
  • Diminish the side effects of anabolic steroids
  • Suppress estrogen levels in men

Final Verdict – Brock Lesnar Steroids Rumor Are True or Not?

In many fans or expert’s opinions, the idea of brock Lesnar steroids is attention-grabbing.

He is a gifted athlete which has been in many great fights but altogether the failing in Clomid test clearly shows he has been taking steroids for a long time. 

HGH, Dianabol, PCT Supplements, Anadrol are the ones that might have been in the list of Brock Lesnar career.